Make extra money: Zazzle

Are you a student, unemployed, on maternal leave or simply want to make some extra money? This tip won’t make you a millionaire, but you will certainly make some extra money, learn new stuff and have fun! How much? That depends on your creativity.

What it is: Zazzle is e-commerce with lot of retail products for customers in US, UK, Australia, Germany and more. It got several awards including Deloitte Technology Fast 50. Traffic is over 20 million visitors per month.

For whom: students, home staying moms (or dads!), unemployed or simply for all creative people.

What do you need: computer with Internet access, graphic software (you can use free open source software such as Inkscape or Gimp).

What is it about: You create a design, place it on products for sale and Zazzle handles everything else (from marketing, hosting to shipping and billing). You get 10 or more % commission. This is a good passive income.

How long does it take: it takes you only 6 or more hours (depending on number of products or level of your designing skills).



Register at (or one of the international Zazzle sites). First, I recommend you look around other stores, what are the popular products and designs, what categories do they use, what topics are bestselling etc. Secondly, you should consider the topic of your eshop. The more specific  and original the better. If you like chihuahuas, let it be the topic of your store. You should stand out and find some niche so customers find you easily.


You can either create your own design using graphic software and place it as picture on products at Zazzle or you can only write text directly on the product (in case you are not good with graphics). Pictures are much nicer, so if you are not confident in your graphic skills you can either use some of your photos, scan your drawing (or kid’s drawing) or you can go step by step watching some YouTube tutorial on graphic design. Another option is to search the Internet for “free vector graphic + your key word (such as chihuahua:-)” and then you can either use the graphic as it is or change it (add text, change color etc). Be aware of the licence! Always check the conditions before you download any graphic. You don’t have to make many designs. You can create one original awesome design and then place it on all of the products. Zazzle offers everything from tiles, iPad cases to classic mugs and t-shirts.

Product description

Once you place your design on product, you have to name it, describe it, categorize it and add tags. The name should be original and also contain key words customers might be searching for. Describe it with story of your design, what the symbols mean and don’t forget to add magic words like “Makes a nice gift” or “Looks good in every home/office”. For tags you have limit 40 words including 10 power tags. Make sure you pick the words wisely. Use also tags that don’t necessarily describe your design, but might be key words customers search for such as: gift, present, cool, best etc. Then you can choose categories according to recipient, occasion or topic (for example: “for him”, “birthday”, “baseball”). Then you choose your commission. The lowest one is 10%. The higher the commission, the higher the price and the lower the chance someone buys it (unless you have super-awesome-omg design). You can change commission anytime so I recommend you start at the lowest and experiment after some time once you see which products are popular (you can have different commissions for different products). Last you click “Post it” and your product will be available for sales within 24 hours. If you have really nice design, Zazzle might choose it and promote it as featured product which gives you and your store some attention and you get this nice award (happened to me only twice so far):

Additional settings

You can name you store and get your unique URL (for example one of my stores is, you can describe your store, choose background picture. Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics tracking code so you have statistics about customers. Zazzle provides you with lot of guides, videos, forums with information and best practices.


Zazzle promotes all the products and stores in their portfolio, but you should be proactive and promote your store your own way. You can use social media, banners or affiliate program. Zazzle has its own affiliate program so you can contact bloggers or websites whose audience might be interested in your store. Once again example with chihuahuas ( gosh I have this habit ever since reading this helpful Tim Ferriss article) –  if your store is all about chihuahuas, you should ask bloggers or websites with chihuahua or dog content and offer them additional income (commission from sales – Zazzle handles this). You can send them HTML of banner they choose (go to My account->Dashboard->Promotional tools). You certainly can’t lose anything if you hang out with other Zazzle artists, network on forums or comment/like their store – they might do the same for you or even buy something.

Commission payments

You either get commissions sent to your PayPal account or via check. Payday is every 30days and you have to have minimum of 50/100 USD (50 for PayPal and 100 for check). Meaning, if you have 49USD in commissions, you have to wait for 1 more dollar to receive money on PayPal or 51 dollars for checks.


If you are creative and love passive income, this option is the right for you. You don’t have any trouble with packaging, shipping, claims etc like with regular eshops and you can focus on the fun part – designing and counting the money :-)

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